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Torque Uniform Wire Coiler

Main Features:

1. Adjustable:
Through mechanical friction, a uniform tension is formed to achieve the wire coiling. It solves the problem of unstable speed and tension caused by traditional natural mechanical wire coiling.

2. Energy Saving:
The power supply is only 2.2kw (including one 1.5kw frequency adjustable motor and 110 model motor), it can greatly save your cost on power supply with traditional devices.

3, Reasonable Structure and Easy Maintenance
Using friction compensation regulation uniform and tension offers more precision and constant tension compared with the use of torque motor speed control, and more convenient maintenance.

4, Low Application Cost
The adjustable uniform tension wire coiler saves greatly compared with single line torque devices while offering good quality products and properties.

5, Long Service Life
The service life can be as long as 3 to 5 years

Main Technical Parameter:

Specification (Axle No.)

Dimension (mm)

Design Wire Diameter for Assembly (mm)










Inverted Wire Coiler

This kind of wire coiler is mainly used for annealing of hard stainless steel wire with wire diameter of 1.5mm up.

Features: Neat wire coils, convenient unloading, saving of labors.



Trunk Wire Coiler

Technical Parameter
Wire Coiling Reel Diameter:φ560MM;
Wire Taking-in Speed:φ360M/min;
Wire Taking-in Diameter:φ2-φ4MM;
Wire Accumulated Weight Allowed on the Bracket:800-1000kg;
Motor: 10kg/M; torque motor:10kg / M

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