Metal Wire
  Coil Wire
  Electro Galvanized Wire
  Hot-dipped galvanized wire
  Black annealed wire
  Stainless steel wire
  PVC Coated wire
Wire Mesh
  Crimped wire mesh
  Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  Brass Wire Mesh
  Window Screen
  Fencing Wire Mesh
  Chain Link Fence
  Hexagonal Wire Netting
  Gabion mesh
  Field Fence(grassland fence )
  Euro Fence
  Fence Post
  Welded Wire Mesh panel
  Steel rebar welded wire mesh
  Barbed Wire
  Razor Wire Mesh
Wire mesh Processed
Fiberglass mesh
Expanded Metal Mesh
Perforated Metal Sheet Mesh
Mine sieving mesh
Wire Mesh Belt
Decorative Wire mesh
Wire-Drawing Equipment
Wire Nail
Barbed Wire Machine
It is generally applied in manufacturing a great variety of multi-strand of barbed wires, which are widely used in national defense, railway, express highway etc……>>more
Razor Barbed Wire Machine
Razor barbed wire machine is the specialized machine for manufacturing razor wires. The machine has high efficiency and quality with compact structure……>>more
Chain Link Fence Machine
Our Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine applies technical double wire mesh ……>>more
Expanded Metal Machine
The machlnes are used for punching shear fhe cold crimped engine bed with the thickness of 1.2- 2.5mm the width of 2000mm Material strength of ……>>more
Flattening machine

Flattening machine is a dedicated supporting machinery of expanded metal punching machine. Expanded metal is.……>>more

Grassland Fence Netting Machine
Our grassland fence netting machine consists five parts of wire delivery machine, wire drawing machine, reinforcement machine, shaft drawing machine……>>more
Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine
Currently, there are 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″, 2″, and 3″ specifications available for our straight twisting and reverse twisting hexagonal wire netting machine.……>>more
Welded Wire Mesh
Our welded wire mesh machine may produce multiple materials of welded wire mesh of 0.74-2.0mm low carbon steel wire and stainless steel wire.>>more
Automatic Fence Mesh Welding Machine Controlled By Computer
Main unit: Welded with thick steel sheet and section steel, strong and concise.>>more
Automatic Building Steel Wire Mesh Welding Machine
Main unit: Welded with thick steel sheet and section steel, strong and concise.>>more
Diamond Mesh Crimping Machine
Safety ornament fence of our diamond mesh crimping machine (or mesh rolling steel fence ginning machine or guard fencing machine) may ......>>more
Deadbeat Wire Drawing Machine
Supported on frequency conversion technique, electric control system of our deadbeat wire drawing machine realizes advanced control of self-adapting ……>>more
Wire-Rewinding Machine
Our wire-rewinding machine is an adjustable uniform rate, constant tension takingup system, which realizes rewinding effect by uniform moment wire-rewinding assembly.……>>more
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