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Pulley Type Continuous Wire Drawing Machine

Structure:he drawing equipment consists of main reduction box, die casing, wheel frame, wire brace and electeical control system. The spinning drawing blocks are driven by JZT or Y series motor, with gear coupling runs changeful gears to reduce speed. The drawing blocks are verticaly fixed in sealed box body. The gear are lubricated with oil.

In order to lower residual heat on the surface of the block, the cooling means is installed in interwall of the block.
The machine runs with carwl or linkage. The safety halt gear is installed by the position of operating block.

Major Technical Parameter

Specifictions Model 800 560 450 350
dia of takeup wheel (mm) 800 560 450 350
Draw die 1--8 dies 1--6 dies 1--7 dies 1--6 dies
Max.incoming diameter (mm) 10--14 6.5 3.4 2.5
Outgoing diameter (mm) 6 2 1 0.75
Total compressibili (%)   78--88.5 78 78
Average partial compressibility (%) 25 30 20 21
Drawing speed (m/m) / 245 346 200
Motor power (kw) 132 60-80 30-45 18.5-22
Overall dimensionssss (mm) 9730x3340
Weight (kg) 4500 2000 1500 1000

Straight Type Wire Drawing Machine:

We can supply PID wire drawing machine with high property and high reliability.
Applied for making of steel strand wire, steel rope wire, welding wire, stainless steel wire, umbrella stranded wire, PC steel wire, etc.
Features: High speed, high efficiency, low cost, low energy cost, simple operation, highly automatic. Can be assembled freely to meet your specific requirements

The product is adequate for steel cord yarn, wheel rim steel wire, rope manufacturing steel wire, gas-protection welding wire, stainless steel wire, steel wire for umbrella ribs, and PC steel wire, etc.

Major Technical Index:


Wire Drawing Times

Max. Taking-in Wire mm

Max. Finished Product mm

Motor Power kw

Speed m/s

Noise BA















Water-Trunk Type Wire Drawing Machine

We can supply two types of water trunk type drawing machine, one for medium size and another for fine wires. The cylinder is tower wheel type that enables high speed, efficiency and small occupation of space.

The main technical parameters are as follows: A. Feeding wire diameter: φ8-6.8MM
B. Outgoing wire diameter : 3.0-2.6MM
C. Drawing times: 8 Die
D. Electric motor power: 75-90kW
E. Speed :320 - 360M / min
F. Speed fixing wheel diameter : φ360MM
G. Productivity per hour: 1000-1200kg / n
H. Annual output : 4000T 
I. Occupied land area: 15000 x 2500 × 2000 (length x width x height)

The main technical parameters:

Specifications Reel diameter  mm Wire drawing time Feeding wire strength MPa Maximum feeding wire diameter mm

Maximum outgoing wire diameter mm

Speed m/s Motor power kw
550 550 11 ≤1100 5.50 2.80—2.20 4 90—132
450 450 11 ≤1100
6 75—90
350 350 12 ≤1100
7 37—45
300 300(是速轮) 18 ≤1050 2.60 0.8 8 30—37

Inverted Wire Drawing Machine

Applied for: Drawing of low, medium and high carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, prestressed steel, alloy steel wire, etc.


Main Technical Parameters

Specification Wire Coiling Reel Diameter mm

Drawing Times

Compression rate % Maximum feeding wire diameter mm Drawing speed m / s Motor power: kw Transmission box
550 550 1 20—25 6.50 1.30 15—18.5 Cycloidal gear speed reducer
650 650 1 20—25 8.00 1.25 18.5—22
750 750 1 20—25 12.00 1.20 18.5—22
850 850 1 20—25 14.00 1.00 30—45
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