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Chain driven belt

Chain Driven metal mesh belts should be considered whenever timing, transfer, or positive belt drive is important, such as for travel up inclines, under heavy loads, for long distances, through quenching liquids, cooking oils, or other slippery conditions. They can provide efficient operation in applications where friction driven belts would not be desirable. Any mesh can be used in a chain driven construction, but the selection is made on the basis of what is needed to support the product. The Balanced Weave should be given first consideration, as it is economical and appropriate for most conditions.

U Grid Sprial Belt

vdPositive driven belt in 1/2” & 1” pitch variations. Used in straight running and radius applications (inside radius is 2.2 x belt width). Driven via a stamped U shaped link on each edge joined with a 6 gauge rod (.192”). Available with mesh overlay for very fine or flat product. Commonly used on cooling or freezing conveyors and spiral towers in the food processing and baking industries.
The spiral belts are used for proofing, cooling and freezing dough products, and for freezing everything from pizza to fish sticks. Soft dough products generally require the support of a mesh overlay U-Grid belt, while other products may be suited to rods-only U-Grid or U-Link flat wire belting. Both belts combine straight turns, right turns, and left turns to provide smooth continuous product flow, avoiding pile-ups and eliminating transfers. They have the added advantage of collapsibility for thorough cleaning or sanitizing.

U-Grid belting is extremely versatile. It can be manufactured with double pitch overlay, or with plastic filler rods for extremely small product. Special constructions with heavy-duty non-collapsing edges for straight-line applications, as well as a heavy duty collapsing edge construction are available.
Cam-Grid belts are also available in rods-only construction, or with balanced weave mesh overlay to provide more support and the required openings.


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