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Expanded Metal Mesh

The Expanded metal is defined by the long way of mesh (LWM) and short way of mesh (SWM), followed by width of strand and sheet (strand) thickness.
For example the XM4210/2010 expanded metal is read as 42 x 10 mm - 2.0 x 1.0 mm.
The width of the sheet often has to be limited, but the length of the expanded metal can in most cases be without restrictions

Examples of our best-selling mesh types we often keep in stock: 12x6, 16x8, 20x10, 28x10, 28x12, 42x16, 42x20, 51x22, 62x28 and 75x30.
One of the significant advantages of expanded metal is the fact that it provides for large open areas and is lightweight. Most of the above mentioned mesh combinations have these characteristics. Since the actual weight of the expanded metal is comparatively low, and the carrying capacity is high, the (strand) thickness of the original sheet can usually be thinner than expected. The strand width can be varied - if you wish for a grid-like look you should select a strand width close to the strand thickness; if you wish for a heavy look, a larger strand width must be selected.
The width of the expanded metal (parallel to the long way of mesh) is limited by the expanded metal machine of the chosen mesh. The length of the metal is, on the contrary, not limited up to 1,5 mm material thickness. We produce all expanded metal cut-to-size according to your wishes and needs. We can also cut it to form or deliver in rolls, should you require it.
We have over 50 different types of tools for the most popular mesh types, along with a few specialized tools for more particular types. For each mesh type the choice of strand width in relation to the sheet thickness gives us virtually endless possibilities to vary the expanded metal, all according to your requirements. We work with aluminium, mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, nickel and titanium.
Should you have specific wishes and ideas, do not hesitate to contact us! We can work out a perfect solution together.


Examples of common mesh types:


Normal or diamond


sträckmetall långsmal

sträckmetall normal

sträckmetall kvadratisk




12 x 4
19 X 7
28 x 8
28 x 10
42 x 10
75 x 23
75 x 28

4,75 x 2,5
5,6 x 2,3
6 x 3
6 x 3,5
10 x 5
12 x 6

13 x 7
16 x 8
20 x 10
25 x 10
25 x 13
26 x 13
27 x 13
28 x 12

42 x 16
42 x 18
42 x 20
51 x 22
62 x 26
62 x 28
75 x 30
98 x 48

2 x 1,2 (Q2)
3,2 x 2 (Q3)
6 x 4 (Q6)
8x4 (Q)
12 x 10 (Q12)
16 x 13 (Q16)
40 x 28 (Q40)


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